Coronavirus Coping Kit for Music Therapy Business Owners by Rachelle Morgan

Coronavirus Coping Kit for Music Therapy Business Owners

These last few months have been ROUGH. But music therapists are creative and adaptable, and we will get through this pandemic crisis.

Use these materials especially for setting up remote services with senior living communities and other organizations serving adults and older adults.

Then, check out the guidance for returning to in-person sessions, especially if we will have to practice without singing.

Given the unprecedented circumstances, I decided not to put a price tag on this. (It probably should be $100.) Instead, please support our work by paying what you wish. 

Links inside to donate what you can, or to offer an alternative form of support (like Google/Facebook reviews!)

What's included?

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Start Here!
Let's Do This!!
What Remote Services Can You Provide?
Video: Remote Service Options
6 mins
Video: Sales Language for Remote Services
6 mins
Remote Music Service Options Handout
111 KB
Marketing - Done-for-You Materials
20-Second Hand Washing Songs - Printable Poster
83.5 KB
Sample Emails
97.9 KB
Sales Scripts for Remote Music Services.pdf
93 KB
Legal and Ethical Considerations
Informed Consent for Telehealth.pdf
83.8 KB
Copyright and Remote Music Services
Technology Requirements and Tips
Video: Equipment Needs and Technology Checklist
10 mins
Remote Services Equipment List and Tips - Assess your needs
89.5 KB
Technology Checklist - Assess Client Needs
86.6 KB
Video: How To Look Good On Video
14 mins
How To Look Good On Video/Telehealth - Tips
81.1 KB
Video: How To Sound Good On Video
10 mins
How To Sound Good On Video/Telehealth - Tips
94.2 KB
Technology Cheat Sheet - For The Client or Caregiver.pdf
94.3 KB
Sample Music Programs
Sample Musician Biography: Bette Midler
112 KB
Sample Themed Playlist: Rainbows
124 KB
Music Therapy & Telehealth - Webinar from AMTA
Replay: Music Therapy & Telehealth - Sponsored by the AMTA COVID-19 Task Force
Slides: Music Therapy & Telehealth
11.7 MB
Returning to Face-to-Face Sessions
Webinar: Music Therapy Without Singing (What?!?)
(1h 03m 02s)
A Guide for Music Therapy Without Singing.pdf
89.6 KB
Equipment Recommendations for In-Person Visits during COVID-19.pdf
65.4 KB
MTBO Zoom Calls
MTBO Meeting 4-17-20 - One month into the crisis
(1h 24m 42s)
MTBO Meeting 5-4-20 - Employer issues
(1h 24m 46s)
MTBO Meeting 5-20-20 - Considerations for returning to in-person services
(1h 06m 53s)
MTBO Meeting 6-3-20 - Marketing During COVID-19
(1h 04m 21s)
MTBO Meeting 6-10-20 - Staff Training for COVID-19
(1h 02m 39s)
MTBO Meeting 6-24-10 - Systemic racism and equity issues for business owners
(1h 23m 39s)
Next Steps
Video: We WILL Get Through This!!
2 mins
How To Get More Support
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