Rock That Practice

For Music Therapists focused on private client work.

What's included?

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Rock That Practice: Start Here
Welcome to Rock That Practice!
2 mins
Take the self-assessment
How to get on the group coaching calls
Bonus: MT Insider Membership
Module 1: Identify Your Ideal Clients
Download Your Module 1 Workbook
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Video 1: Your Ideal Business
17 mins
Video 2: Your Ideal Client
18 mins
Video 3: Market Research
19 mins
Video 4: Like-Minded Businesses
13 mins
Conversation with Mary and Rachelle
29 mins
Module 2: Attract And Retain Your Ideal Clients
Download Your Module 2 Workbook
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Video 1: Overview
17 mins
Video 2: Word of Mouth Strategies
31 mins
Video 3: Event Marketing Strategies
35 mins
Video 4: Advertising Strategies
38 mins
Video 5: Sales Strategies
29 mins
Video 6: Client Retention Strategies
12 mins
Video 7: Dealing with Feelings Around Setbacks
16 mins
Module 3: Setting Up Systems For Success
Download Your Module 3 Workbook
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Video 1: Where Will You Work? (Clients’ Homes and Your Home)
29 mins
Video 2: Where Will You Work? (Shared Spaces, Dedicated Clinic/Center Spaces)
24 mins
Video 3: Your Policies and Procedures
21 mins
Video 4: Systems Overview
14 mins
Video 5: Organization, Scheduling, and Documentation Systems
15 mins
Video 6: Financial Management Systems
16 mins
Video 7: Marketing Systems
21 mins
Conversation with Rachelle and Mary
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Supplemental (Done-For-You!) Materials
Yay! You’ve finished!
4 mins
Here are the five steps you need to take to finish the course:
Bonus Video
Bonus Conversation: Scaling Your Biz
46 mins