Rock That Practice

For music therapists wanting to develop work with private clients.

What's included?

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Rock That Practice: Start Here
Welcome to Rock That Practice!
2 mins
Take the self-assessment
How to get on the group coaching calls
Bonus: MT Insider Membership
Module 1: Identify Your Ideal Clients
Download Your Module 1 Workbook
160 KB
Video 1: Your Ideal Business
17 mins
Video 2: Your Ideal Client
18 mins
Video 3: Market Research
19 mins
Video 4: Like-Minded Businesses
13 mins
Conversation with Mary and Rachelle
29 mins
Module 2: Attract And Retain Your Ideal Clients
Download Your Module 2 Workbook
391 KB
Video 1: Overview
17 mins
Video 2: Word of Mouth Strategies
31 mins
Video 3: Event Marketing Strategies
35 mins
Video 4: Advertising Strategies
38 mins
Video 5: Sales Strategies
29 mins
Video 6: Client Retention Strategies
12 mins
Video 7: Dealing with Feelings Around Setbacks
16 mins
Module 3: Setting Up Systems For Success
Download Your Module 3 Workbook
923 KB
Video 1: Where Will You Work? (Clients’ Homes and Your Home)
29 mins
Video 2: Where Will You Work? (Shared Spaces, Dedicated Clinic/Center Spaces)
24 mins
Video 3: Your Policies and Procedures
21 mins
Video 4: Systems Overview
14 mins
Video 5: Organization, Scheduling, and Documentation Systems
15 mins
Video 6: Financial Management Systems
16 mins
Video 7: Marketing Systems
21 mins
Conversation with Rachelle and Mary
82.1 MB
Supplemental Materials
Sound Starts Intake Paperwork
92.3 KB
Sound Starts Music Policy Handbook
257 KB
Soundscaping Source Adult Intake Form - Caregiver
20.9 KB
Soundscaping Source Adult Intake Form - Self
19.7 KB
Yay! You’ve finished!
4 mins
Complete the Marketing Self-Assessment
90 Day Action Planner
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Bonus Video
Bonus Conversation: Scaling Your Biz
46 mins