Sample Recorded Music Program by Rachelle Morgan

Sample Recorded Music Program

Designed just for the coronavirus crisis, these programs are meant to be flexible and comprehensive.

Use these materials for hands-off, independent, music-based activities for residents with any level of need.

Involve staff members in discussion and creative songwriting as well. (Good for morale!)

Note: The sample resource does not include an original song. Upgrade to receive a recording for an original song just for your community, using the memories and ideas shared in the discussion guide.

What's included?

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Welcome to our sample program!
Transportation - YouTube Playlist
Transportation - Written Guide.pdf
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Transportation - Photos
Transportation - Word Search.png
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Transportation - Crossword.pdf
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Transportation - Discussion and Songwriting Prompts.pdf
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Sample Collaborative Transportation Song
Tips for Using This Program
Recorded Music Program Tip 1: Use the Time You Have.mp4
3 mins
Recorded Music Program Tip 2: Use the Photos.mp4
3 mins
Recorded Music Program Tip 3: Get Staff Involved.mp4
3 mins
Recorded Music Program Tip 4: Press Play and Walk Away.mp4
2 mins
Recorded Music Program Tip 5: Collaboration and Social Media Gold.mp4
3 mins
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